Other Staff

Rodney S. Croom


Minister Theon Rogers

Substance Abuse & Co-Dependency Counseling Ministry/Associate Minister

Nicola Johnson

Sunday School/Worship Arts Ministry/Announcements & Publications Ministry

Miranda Rogers

Nursery Ministry/Culinary Ministry

Kenneth Williams

Deacon Ministry/Usher Ministry

Karen Williams

First Impressions/ Worship Arts Ministry/ Sisters Who Care Ministry

Howard Lucas

Trustee Ministry/Usher Ministry

Jim Foote


Rita Session


Janice Cain

Usher Ministry

Bonnie Robinson

Usher Ministry/Deaconess Ministry

Regina Robinson

Discipleship Ministry/Hospitality Ministry/Worship Arts Ministry

Karen Williams

Sister’s Who Care Ministry/First Impressions Ministry / Worship Arts Ministry

Ola Roberts

Financial Secretary

Marcus Hawkins

King’s Men Ministry

Ann Collins

Transportation Ministry

Melva Lucas

Pastor’s Aid Ministry/Deaconess Ministry

Susie Berry

Africa Missions Ministry

Tanaya Hall

NXT Generation Ministry/Worship Arts Ministry

Nibia Miller

NXT Generation Ministry/Sisters Who Care Ministry

Keisha Thompson

NXT Generation Ministry/Deaconess Ministry

Tanera Harrell

NXT Generation Ministry/Worship Arts Ministry

Dionne Washington

NXT Generation Ministry/ Worship Arts Ministry

Rev. Marlon Henderson

Minster Marlon Henderson

Minster of Music/Associate Minister

Kim Hale

NXT Generation Ministry/ Worship Arts Ministry

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